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Caribsea Bio Magnet Clarifier

Caribsea Bio Magnet Clarifier

If you own an aquarium tank, you know how fast the water can become cloudy with particulate matter from fish and plant waste. This natural build up not only affects the aesthetics of your tank, but can also be harmful to the health of your tank inhabitants. Products such as Caribsea Bio Magnet Clarifier can help clear up the water quality of your aquarium tank.

Caribsea Bio Magnet Clarifier is an aqueous product that contains positively charged particles. When added to your aquarium tank, the positively charged particles attract the negatively charged particles of the waste clouding up your tank’s water. This clarifying product is available at most pet supply stores that sell aquarium maintenance items.

In this article, we will review what Bio Magnet Clarifier does and how long it takes to work. Additionally, we will cover whether or not it is safe to use around fish and how much you should use in your aquarium tank.

What Does Bio Magnet Clarifier Do?

Bio Magnet Clarifier is designed to clean your aquarium tank water so that it is crystal clear, providing an aesthetically pleasing tank and an environment suited for your tank’s inhabitants. With its positively charged particles, it attracts the negatively charged waste particles and allows them to be broken down by bacteria.

These waste particles can then be filtered out of the tank system. It works effectively on bacterial, algal, and sediment particles that need to be excised from the aquarium environment. Bio Magnet Clarifier will help draw unwanted particles that are suspended in the water to your aquarium’s filter for safe removal.

This product can be used for aquarium tanks that are reef-based, saltwater, or freshwater. It does not impact the balance of ions and salinity needed to keep a stable environment. It simply counteracts the negatively charged bacteria and waste particles suspended in the water.

Is Bio Magnet Safe for Fish?

Bio Magnet does not contain any harmful chemicals that would negatively affect the fish in your tank. It can be used around tropical fish, marine fish, freshwater fish, and sensitive fish as well. The only direct impact it will have is on the unwanted bacteria floating through the water that could make your tank inhabitants sick.

Not only is Bio Magnet safe for fish, but it is also safe to use in aquarium tanks with plants and sensitive coral reefs. Bio Magnet will not disturb the balance of the water quality needed to maintain extremely sensitive species.

In fact, it will benefit most fish, plants, and reef species because it will remove any bacteria that may cause the tank inhabitants to become sick, contract infections, or even die.

How Long Does It Take for Bio Magnet Clarifier to Work?

You will notice a difference in your aquarium tank within an hour or two of adding Bio Magnet Clarifier. For tanks that are especially cloudy, you will be able to see the water clear up immediately. If your tank wasn’t too dirty to begin with, know that it will not become cloudy now that Bio Magnet Clarifier is working its magic in the water.

The attraction of negatively charged waste and bacteria particles to the positively charged particles in Bio Magnet Clarifier occurs immediately. The waste particles are bonded on contact, and the positive influence of the clarifier guides them to the filter. Their removal from the water tank will become extremely evident in less than two hours.

By comparison, hand netting the particles that you will be able to physically strain out could take hours to accomplish. Even then, there are a lot of particles that you will miss, and you have to go through the hassle of extricating all of your tank animals in order to clean the water.

Bio Magnet Clarifier can take care of a cloudy tank within a few hours and doesn’t require you to relocate your tank’s inhabitants.

How Much Bio Magnet Clarifier Should I Use?

The instructions for Bio Magnet Clarifier suggest using a cupful of liquid for every ten gallons of eater that your aquarium tank holds. So, for a thirty gallon tank, you would need three cupfuls, for a fifty gallon tank five cupfuls, and so on. Bio Magnet Clarifier comes in several size bottles, but the most common volumes are 8 oz and 16 oz.

For a better way to mix Bio Magnet Clarifier into your aquarium tank, scoop out a cup of aquarium water and add the clarifier to that. Stir up the mixture and then slowly pour it back into the aquarium tank. Try to evenly distribute the mixture.

If you don’t, it’s not a big deal. The water movement systems in your tank will help mix the clarifier into the water. By doing it yourself ahead of time, you may be able to speed up the process. Either way, just a cupful of clarifier will make all the difference in your cloudy aquarium tank.


Caribsea Bio Magnet Clarifier is a wonderful product designed to remove suspended bacteria and waste particles that muck up the clarity of your aquarium tank. By introducing positively charged particles, the clarifier draws the unwanted negatively charged bacteria out of the water and to the filtration system for removal.

Bio Magnet Clarifier is completely safe to use around fish, plants, and sensitive coral species. It can be used in freshwater and saltwater tanks to help clear up cloudy conditions caused by bacteria, waste, algae, and sediment.

Bio Magnet Clarifier is fast acting and will begin clearing up the water in your tank within a couple of hours after being mixed in. You don’t need much to let the clarifier do its job. Only a cupful of liquid per ten gallons of aquarium water will have your tank looking beautifully clean in no time.

Caribsea Bio Magnet Clarifier is the best product on the market for cleaning up unwanted suspended particulates in any aquarium reef tank and can be found at most pet supply stores.

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