Otocinclus Fry

Otocinclus Fry

Introduction If you are thinking of keeping otocinclus in your aquarium, knowing how to look after and breed them is important. It will ensure you can keep your tank stocked with lots of these lovely fish. Otocinclus are freshwater catfish and many people are keen to breed them in captivity to make the most of […]

Rainbowfish Fry – Everything You Need to Know

Rainbowfish Fry

Fishkeeping can be a tricky business, especially when you’re looking to start breeding your fish. Knowing what to do, what to expect, and how to take care of the fry can be a daunting task, especially for a first-time breeder. If you’re wondering how to take care of your rainbowfish and fish fry, never fear! […]

Bolivian Ram Female

Bolivian Ram Fish

How To Take Care Of A Bolivian Ram Fish Whether you are new to fish keeping or have been doing it for years, you may have heard of Bolivian Ram fish. Cousin to the popular Blue Ram and Electric Ram, these fish are common aquatic pets. You may be wondering, how do I take care […]

Kyoga Flameback: Care, Size, Tank Mates

Kyoga Flameback

Introduction What do you know about a Kyoga Flameback fish? This fish is beautiful, and many hobbyists are keen to keep it, but it’s important to learn a bit more about it before you get one, so you know how to look after it, what to pair it with, and what to expect! The Kyoga […]

Coral Beauty Care & Facts (Centropyge bispinosa)

Coral Beauty

As the name suggests, the coral beauty is an absolutely gorgeous fish that loves the reefs – making it an ideal choice for any reef safe saltwater tank. These critters can be rarer than some of the swimmers you’ll spot in many home tanks, meaning they might just be the best choice for your aquarium! […]

5 Easiest Freshwater Fish to Breed

Easiest Freshwater Fish to Breed

Are you keen to start breeding fish at home in your own tank or aquarium? Not entirely sure which species are likely to be the easiest freshwater fish to breed? You’re not alone. For some fish and their keepers, the breeding process can be a little confusing. You really have to make sure that you […]

All About Discus Fish (Symphysodon – Cichlid Family)

Discus Fish

The discus fish, or symphysodon, is one of the brightest and most vibrant fish you can bring to your home aquarium! This stunning freshwater aquarium fish comes in variety of different colours and looks, and it’s perhaps one of the most common sights in tanks across the world. It’s a commonly kept cichlid. Some discus […]

Dwarf Gouramis Care & Facts (Trichogaster lalius – Osphronemidae Family)

Dwarf Gouramis

If you’re looking for a colourful fish for your freshwater aquarium that’s likely to make your tank stand out from the rest, then you really can’t go too far wrong with a dwarf gourami. A dwarf gourami arrives in a variety of different colours, meaning they are hugely popular with people looking to turn their […]

Betta Fish Care & Facts (Betta splendens – Gourami family)

Betta Fish (Betta splendens - Gourami family)

Unlocking the Enchantment of Betta Fish Care Betta fish, renowned for their breathtaking colors and unique vibrancy, stand as one of the most sought-after choices for freshwater aquarium enthusiasts globally. Often referred to as the Siamese fighting fish, these captivating creatures belong to the gourami family, showcasing a distinct charm that sets them apart in […]