17 Plants in the Coral Reef: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Diversity and Importance

17 Plants in the Coral Reef

Coral reefs are often called the rainforests of the sea, teeming with diverse and fascinating marine life. These underwater ecosystems support thousands of species, including various plants, which play vital roles in maintaining reef health.  This article will introduce 17 plants found in coral reefs and discuss their significant contributions to these complex habitats. Plants […]

Grey Algae in Fish Tank (and Solutions!)

Grey Algae

Any avid fish keeper knows that too much algae is bad in a fish tank, but figuring out the cause of each kind of algae as well as which ones are actually harmful can be difficult. If you start seeing some black or greyish algae appearing in your tank, then you’re likely dealing with black […]

Calothrix Algae: Everything You Need to Know

Calothrix Algae

Calothrix is a member of the cyanobacteria phylum that can look just like dinoflagellate or “dinos.” You can differentiate Calothrix from dinos based on the fact that dinoflagellate alga is typically longer and stringier.  The rest of this article will be dedicated to what Calothrix is, its causes, and how to get rid of it. […]

How Long Can Algae Live Without Light?

How Long Can Algae Live Without Light

Since algae are photosynthetic organisms, they need light to grow and survive. By blocking out the light to an aquarium tank for four to seven days, most algae will be completely eliminated. Although algae need light to live, they are still much hardier than you would think. If you want to kill off the algal […]

How Long Does It Take for Algae to Grow?

How Long Does It Take for Algae to Grow

For new aquarium setups, algae can begin growing as soon as two weeks after the tank has been established. Algae need food in order to grow so there has to be plenty of nitrate in the water for them to start thriving. If you’re new to fish keeping, one thing you’ve probably noticed on every […]

Algae On Java Fern – What To Do?

Algae On Java Fern

Introduction If you have discovered that your Java Fern is starting to support clouds of algae, you might be wondering what you can do about this and whether it is dangerous. Algae on the leaves might be a serious problem for your fern. Algae on a Java Fern can do damage to the plant, blocking […]

Orange Coralline Algae: All You Need To Know

Orange Coralline algae come from the red algae family or the Phylum Rhodophyta. The growth of Coralline algae in a saltwater aquarium is indicative of an aquatic ecosystem in good health. Coralline algae are most often a purple color however, there are over 1600 known species that range in color including orange.  If you’ve noticed […]

Fish Tank Water Has a Red Tint? What to Do?

Fish Tank Water Red Tint

Fish keeping is a wonderful hobby that offers endless hours of entertainment. Aquariums are like a little window into another world, and as any sagacious fish keeper knows, monitoring your water quality is the first step to a healthy tank ecosystem. If you’ve ever noticed a reddish tint to your water, then you’re not alone. […]