Can Mystery Snails Live in Cold Water

Can Mystery Snails Live in Cold Water

Introduction If you are thinking of adding mystery snails to your aquarium, it’s vital to make sure your setup is suitable for them. The wrong environment will make your snails stressed, and potentially make them sick. Mystery snails will tolerate water as cool as 65 degrees F, but you should be aware that they will […]

Nerite Snails Vs Mystery Snails: A Comparative Guide

Nerite Snails Vs Mystery Snails

Snails can be an excellent addition to your aquarium. Not only do they clean your tank, but they can add a splash of color to your tank community.  Nerite snails and mystery snails are both popular snails in the aquatic community. While both snails are similar in size and function, there are some differences you […]

Sick Aquarium Snails: Symptoms and Causes

Sick Aquarium Snails

It’s something that every aquarium owner dreads: the illness and even death of their aquarium pets. Not only can it be discouraging, especially if you spend a lot of time and energy making sure your aquarium is clean and suitable for your snails and fish, but it can also be worrisome. After all, certain illnesses […]

Sick Mystery Snail

Sick Mystery Snail

Mystery snails are a fantastic addition to most freshwater tanks. They can inject a touch of color and, when moving, are rather interesting to watch. Of course, the mystery snail, just like any other creature in that tank, can get sick. So, how do you know that you have a sick mystery snail? Unfortunately, it […]

Nassarius Snail Eggs: Everything You Need to Know

Nassarius Snail Eggs

Snails are a popular part of most aquariums these days, and the Nassarius snail is a good option for saltwater tanks to add color and sift through the sand, clearing up detritus and other organic matter. But if you want to breed these snails, then there’s a lot to learn about the process. How do […]

How Many Snails Do I Need for a Reef Tank?

How Many Snails Do I Need for a Reef Tank

Snails are essential for keeping your reef tank clean by eating the algae that build up. In order to ensure that your tank is algae free, you need enough snails to do the job. A good rule to follow is keeping one snail for every five gallons of water your reef tank can hold. So […]