Do Fish Get Cold? The Truth About Fish Temperature Regulation

Fish are cold-blooded animals, meaning the surrounding environment regulates their body temperature.  This contrasts with warm-blooded animals, which can regulate their body temperature internally. For example, fish can feel temperature changes and adjust their behavior accordingly, but they cannot generate heat internally to raise their body temperature.  Therefore, if their water gets too cold, their […]

Why Is My Betta Fish Staying at the Bottom of the Tank?

Why Is My Betta Fish Staying at the Bottom of the Tank

Betta fish are known for their active and graceful swimming, but sometimes, they can appear lethargic or inactive, spending most of their time at the bottom of the tank. One of the reasons for this behavior is lack of sleep or rest during the day. Betta fish are diurnal, which means they are active during […]

What Are Barnacles On Whales?

What Are Barnacles On Whales

If you’ve ever seen whales swimming in the ocean, you’ve probably noticed the many lumps and bumps they have on their skin. These bumps are actually living creatures called barnacles. But what are barnacles, and why do giant whales allow these tiny creatures to live on their bodies? T​he barnacles found on whales are a […]

Can Fish Get Drunk? 

Can Fish Get Drunk

Every once in a while, most people will think up a question that they have no way of getting an answer for. If you own an aquarium, maybe you’ve wondered, can fish get drunk? Yes, fish can get drunk on alcohol just like humans and other animals. That being said, fish should never be given […]

How Long Does It Take For Fish Eggs To Hatch?

How Long Does It Take For Fish Eggs To Hatch

Noticed that your fish have laid some eggs? Well, if they have been fertilized, then it probably won’t be too long before you have some baby fish swimming around your tank. Since these fish are going to take a little bit of preparation to look after, you are going to need to start planning for […]

How Do Fish Get in Ponds?

How Do Fish Get in Ponds

So, you’re walking past a pond that was created by someone you know only a few weeks ago and you see that the waterbody already has fish in it. How on earth did that happen? In the majority of cases, humans stock the ponds with fish. Fish eggs can also stick to an animal’s fur, […]

Do Fish Float When They Die?

Do Fish Float When They Die

Fish are an interesting animal, one that’s been both domesticated as well as found in the wild. They make a great pet at home whether inside a tank or in a pond. And you can even visit an aquarium or see them in a natural lake, pond, or the ocean. But no matter the environment, […]

Can Fish See Water?

Can Fish See Water

Have you ever wondered whether fish can see water when they are swimming around in it? Is it visible to them, or are they unaware of it? Fish are not thought to see water, no. This is because the brain is designed to focus on the things that are relevant to it, and the fish […]

Are Fish Considered Mammals?

Are Fish Considered Mammals

The oceans of the world are magnificent places, full of all kinds of life and wonders. Over thirty thousand different species of animals make up the trillions of living organisms that call the oceans of the world their home. A commonly asked question is, are these fish mammals? Fish are not mammals as most do […]

What Are the Fish That Swim With Sharks?

What Are the Fish That Swim With Sharks

Have you ever watched Shark Week on television? Or perhaps you just watched a nature show about these impressive creatures? Have you ever noticed that there always seem to be small fish that swim with sharks and attach themselves to them? What are the fish that swim with sharks? Remoras are the small fish that […]