How Often Should You Change a Fish Tank Filter: Essential Guide

Keeping a clean and healthy aquarium is essential for the well-being of your fish and aquatic plants. Taking care of your aquarium filter is crucial for ensuring optimal water quality. In addition, understanding the appropriate frequency for changing your fish tank filter can help create a stable and comfortable environment for your aquatic pets. Different […]

How to Get Rid of Protein Film in a Fish Tank: A Simple Guide

How to Get Rid of Protein Film in a Fish Tank

Keeping a fish tank clean and healthy for its inhabitants is paramount, and one common issue that aquarists may face is the development of a protein film on the water’s surface.  This oily layer is unsightly and can disrupt oxygen exchange and limit light penetration, negatively impacting the aquatic life within the tank. Addressing this […]

Why Do Fish Jump Out Of The Water?

Why do fish jump out of the water

The behavior of fish jumping out of the water, also known as “leaping,” is a fascinating phenomenon observed in many species of fish worldwide. From the small African butterflyfish to the sizeable Asian carp, fish jump out of the water for various reasons. While some fish species are known to jump out of the tank […]

Can Salt Water Fish Live in Freshwater?

Can Salt Water Fish Live in Freshwater

If you are setting up an aquarium in your home, you might be wondering about stocking your tank and whether to create a saltwater tank or a freshwater tank. You might also be wondering whether you can mix and match the different species, or if this will cause problems. You can sometimes put saltwater fish […]

Bloated Cory Catfish

Bloated Cory Catfish

Introduction If you have cory catfish in your aquarium, knowing how to look after them and how to tell when they are unwell is critical, because otherwise you may end up with an aquarium full of dead fish on your hands. However, it isn’t always easy to work out when something is wrong, or how […]

When to Separate Cichlid Fry From Parents

When to Separate Cichlid Fry From Parents

Cichlids are a popular freshwater fish kept in many aquariums. They range in many species and colors. Breeding them in your own tank can be a rewarding experience. They can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, but if left in the community tank only a few may survive. To keep the fry safe, you […]

Why Do Goldfish Look Deformed?

Why Do Goldfish Look Deformed

So you’re looking around at your local pet store at all the weird-looking goldfish and wondering why they look deformed.  Goldfish varieties often look deformed due to inbreeding. Breeders often design goldfish to get the most aesthetically pleasing fish possible. Goldfish can also look deformed due to tuberculosis, scoliosis, or tumors.  And there you have […]

High Nitrites and Nitrates During Cycle

High Nitrites and Nitrates During Cycle

Understanding the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle Embarking on the journey of aquarium ownership, you’ll encounter the pivotal nitrogen cycle process in aquariums. This natural sequence is the foundation for sustaining aquatic life in your fish tank. Mastering the aquarium nitrogen cycle is critical to the health and longevity of your underwater habitat. Delve into the intricate steps of fish […]

Guppy Tuberculosis: What You Need To Know?

Guppy Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the less common diseases that affect guppies all over the world. The guppy, also known as the million fish, is a renowned freshwater aquatic fish species and one of the world’s most distributed tropical fish. Fish tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic bacterial infection in fish triggered by Mycobacterium marinum. Since the […]

Split Tail Guppy

Split Tail Guppy

Guppies are highly colorful fish with wide, flowing tails. They are a fantastic addition to any aquarium environment and tend to get along well with other small schooling fish. Don’t be surprised, however, if you see a split in your guppy’s tail that you can’t account for, as there are a few things that might […]