How to Care for Asian Banjo Catfish?

How to Care for Asian Banjo Catfish

The Asian banjo catfish, scientifically known as Acrochordonichthys rugosus, is a unique fish native to the forest streams of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. With a wide range of colors and a distinctive shape, the Asian banjo catfish is an interesting and amusing addition to any aquarium.  In the rest of this article, we will discuss tank maintenance, […]

Argentine Pearl Fish – Care, Tank, Feeding

Argentine Pearl Fish

The Argentine Pearl fish is known for being a relatively easy fish to take care of. It’s also known as a very strange fish. It’s not an overly friendly fish. It’s known for its aggression towards other fish and even its own kind.  However, it’s hard to imagine a prettier fish for you to add […]

Amazon Leaffish – Care, Tank, Feeding

Amazon Leaffish

Monocirrhus polyanthus, otherwise known as the South American Leaffish or Amazon Leaffish, is an extraordinary fish to look at. Its broad, flat body is reminiscent of flounder, without the whole two eyes on one side of the head thing. They have long, protruding mouths with transparent fins. Their bodies are marked randomly with spots or […]

How To Care For Altum Angelfish

How To Care For Altum Angelfish

Most folks that pursue tropical fish as a hobby have probably kept an angelfish at one time or another. Perhaps there are other fish enthusiasts out there who keep nothing but angelfish. But caring for the Altum Angelfish is a bit more tricky. If you want to add Altum Angelfish to your tank, read on. […]

Astatheros Robertsoni

Astatheros Robertsoni

Introduction If you are thinking of adding Astatheros robertsoni to your aquarium, you are far from alone, as these beautiful blue cichlids are popular with people everywhere, and make great tank inhabitants. However, you do need to understand them before you do this. This cichlid is a showy, attractive fish that fares well in mildly […]

Amatitlania Nanolutea

Amatitlania Nanolutea

The Amatitlania Nonolutea, also known as the Gold Convict, is a species of cichlid that’s relatively new to the fishkeeping scene. A rounded yellow body with black markings makes this fish stand out among other cichlids and is a great addition to any fish tank. Here’s an overview of their requirements: Size 3-4 inches Difficulty […]

Yellow Convict Cichlid

yellow convict cichlid

Introduction If you are thinking of keeping yellow convict cichlids in your tank, you need to know how to look after them so you can make sure that they will thrive inside your aquarium. This involves finding out how much space they need, what they can be paired with, and how many you can keep. […]

Redheaded Severum Fish

Redheaded Severum Fish

If you’ve been looking to add new aquarium occupants to your collection, but aren’t quite sure which way to go, closer look at redheaded severum fish might make the decision all lot easier. Beautiful fish from the subtropical waters of South America, these fish are (relatively) easy to keep, pretty calm, cool, and collected, and […]

Red Jardini Arowana Overview

Red Jardini Arowana

With so many different types of fish out there, it’s hard to settle down on just the right fish for you, especially when you’re looking for centerpiece to finish off and accentuate your tank. You’ve probably come across the red jardini arowana, a beautiful fish with boatloads of personality and a pretty good pouty lip […]

Do Dojo Loaches Eat Snails?

Do Dojo Loaches Eat Snails

Fish keeping is a popular hobby, and finding the right fish to populate your aquarium can be tricky. More likely than not, you’re drawn to the dojo loach as a nice way to add some bottom feeder variety to your fish population, but as any savvy fish keeper knows, you’ve always got to be careful […]