Can Red Claw Crabs And Fiddler Crabs Live Together

Can Red Claw Crabs And Fiddler Crabs Live Together? 

Ideally, you should not keep red claw crabs with fiddler crabs. However, this isn’t because of the fiddler crabs, but more due to the nature of red claw crabs. Fiddler crabs are known for being among the most docile creatures both in the wild and in the home.

They are very calm and rarely display aggression. However, they can have their moments even with others of their species, especially if they are being territorial or food is scarce. 

Red claw crabs, however, can indeed be very aggressive, especially towards other animals. They are omnivores and have even been known to be cannibalistic, occasionally found eating other crabs.

That being said, there have been cases in which red claw crabs have been found with fiddler crabs in the same tank. However, it is not a good idea to keep the two together, as it will likely end with the fiddler crabs being killed.

Therefore, if you do plan on keeping red claw crabs, keep them in their own separate tank where they will not harm your other sea creatures. 

Both red claw crabs and fiddler crabs are rewarding creatures – but if you are tempted to bring the pair together at any point, be sure to think again!

Can red claw crabs live alone? 

Given that red claw crabs are known for being territorial and aggressive it is only natural to wonder whether or not they can, or should, be kept alone. They can – but it’s normally best to keep them with others despite their aggressive tendencies.

Generally speaking, red claw crabs can live with others of their species in the same tank. They are often found in large groups in the wild. However, in order for them to live peacefully, you will need to ensure that there is enough room in the tank so that they do not become territorial.

You should also ensure that they have plenty to eat, so they do not need to fight over food and will not turn on each other! Red claw crabs should be fed about twice a day, and they need a perfectly balanced diet.

As mentioned, they are omnivores, so ensure that they get enough meat from shrimp, fish pellets, as well as plenty of vegetables and leafy greens. 

Ideally, you should avoid keeping multiple males in the same tank. They will naturally become very territorial, especially over the females. Therefore, in order to keep the peace, opt for multiple females, or females with maybe one male. 

Can red claw crabs live with guppies? 

Guppies are known for being relatively calm and nice fish. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them welcome additions to most tanks. They are very easy to keep and can do well in tanks – and yes, guppies can indeed live with red claw crabs.

In fact, given their bright colors, they make perfect tank mates, at least aesthetically! Guppies will generally stay out of the way of the red claw crabs, and as long as the tank is big enough for all of them, they should do just fine together. 

That being said, you may notice your red claw crab feasting on a guppy. It is likely that the fish may have died and just become a part of your red claw crabs’ food source. It is not likely that they killed the guppy. However, if you are concerned about them attacking them, simply ensure that you have the perfect tank size for the inhabitants and that there is plenty of food for everyone. 

Can red claw crabs live with shrimp? 

Since red claw crabs can live with guppies, you may be wondering what other types of creatures could make your tank an ideal environment. Sadly, no, red claw crabs should not live in a tank with shrimp.

As mentioned, red claw crabs often feed on shrimp, both fresh and dead. They are the perfect size, texture and offer ideal general nutrition for red claw crabs. Therefore, even in a large tank, your red claw crabs will likely attack your shrimp and are more than likely to win. That’s even if you make sure that you are feeding your red claw crabs regularly, and with food that’s ideal for them!

Some have noted that they have successfully kept shrimp with red claw crabs – however, this will be a rare occurrence as generally speaking, it will lead to fighting. Therefore, you should avoid keeping your red claw crabs with shrimp at all costs. However, if you do have some fresh shrimp or shrimp pellets to feed to your red claw crabs, then they will be very happy! 

Can red clawed crabs live with turtles? 

Since turtles and crabs are both shelled creatures, it would be only natural to assume that they could live together. However, it’s rare that turtles and red clawed crabs can actually safely cohabit.

First, not all turtles and crabs are from the same environment and will therefore not thrive together in the same tank. Moreover, there are certain turtle species that commonly eat crabs in the wild. On the other hand, there are also bigger crabs that will happily feast on smaller and younger turtles. Unfortunately, they are natural-born enemies!

Sadly, the same goes for red clawed crabs. As aggressive as they are, the chances are that they would lose against a turtle. The two would end up fighting and will likely kill one another. Therefore, it is best to never keep turtles and crabs together in the same tank. No matter what people tell you – it’s never a good plan!