How Many Azure Damselfish Should I Get

How Many Azure Damselfish Should I Get? 

Generally speaking, even if the damselfish are relatively small, you will still need a good-sized tank to keep them happy. You will need about a 20-gallon size tank for one azure damselfish. If you have two, then it would be best to opt for a tank that can hold about 50 gallons of water to ensure that they do not become too territorial. 

As beautiful as the damselfish may appear they are known for being particularly aggressive fish. They enjoy their own space and generally like to be left alone.

That being said, certain species of damselfish can do very well in tanks, and due to their beauty and how easy they are to keep, many of us would love to have them in our collection! The key is to know how many damselfish you should keep in the space you have available.

While it may seem a good idea to bring scores of damselfish together, you will likely end up with a fight or two on your hands.

What is the most peaceful damselfish? 

Given that damselfish have a reputation for being quite disruptive and aggressive, it is only natural to assume that all of them are aggressive! However, thankfully, that is not the case. Azure damselfish, in particular, are known for being quite calm. They generally can be kept in tanks and do pretty well in them. 

However, it is important to remember that they too can become territorial and vicious, and they will attack other fish, even of their own species, if they feel threatened in an area that is too small, or they do not have enough food.

If you want to ensure that your damselfish, even if it is a relatively calm species, remains happy, healthy, and safe in their tank, you will need to ensure that the tank is the right size and that they have the perfect environment balance in pH and temperature. It is also wise to avoid mixing them with other damselfish, as they generally do not do well alongside each other.

Before adopting any kind of damselfish, it makes sense to plan ahead. Unfortunately, there are no damselfish that are likely to be considered particularly peaceful or calm! That said, this doesn’t stop these fish from being lovely creatures to admire and care for.

Can you mix different damselfish? 

Unlike certain other fish that can mix perfectly well together, damselfish do not play well with others, be it with their own species or not! It’s never wise to have more than one species of damselfish in the same tank. 

While you may have heard that azure damselfish aren’t particularly calm, the same rule doesn’t apply to all damsels – they can be quite tetchy!

They can become very aggressive towards one another and other tank inhabitants, even killing each other when they feel that it is necessary. If you would like to keep damselfish or multiple species, ensure that they are only in tanks with fish of their exact species, too.

Remember that damselfish can become very aggressive even with others of their own species. Therefore, you should ensure that the tank is big enough for all of them, providing enough room and food so that they do not need to fight. 

If you are keen on adopting and keeping damselfish, it makes sense to get as much advice as you can from the source. Providing you offer the fish enough space, food, and the right temperature and pH for their tank, you’ll be getting these creatures off to a good start.

Just because you can’t mix different damselfish together doesn’t mean you should avoid adopting them at all – take a look at a few videos online of these gorgeous fish in action, and you’ll soon see the visual benefit!

What is the most aggressive damselfish? 

The blue damsel is known as being the most aggressive damselfish out there. They actively chase after and bite others in their vicinity. They are very territorial and do not like being close with any other animal, even ones of their own species. 

Sadly, they have very strong teeth and are capable of inflicting serious injuries on other fish. They have even been known to kill fish in tanks with them, aggressively biting them to death.

Therefore, it is pretty easy to understand that if you have a blue damselfish, especially a blue devil damselfish, you should avoid keeping them in a tank with any other sea creatures! You should even avoid keeping multiple blue damselfish together in the same tank as they will kill each other, too – it’s a good idea to isolate them, honestly!

Damselfish are generally known for being aggressive, no matter the species. As mentioned, there are some that are pretty calm, at least compared to others of their species.

The azure damselfish is generally known for being the calmest of the species, especially when compared to some of the more aggressive ones. However, always tread carefully when you consider bringing these aquatic critters into your home.