Juwel Aquarium Lights Not Working

Juwel Aquarium Lights Not Working

Aquarium lighting is important for giving your fish a proper day/night cycle to reduce stress. In addition, plants in your tank need the light to grow properly.

As such, it can be irritating when aquarium lights don’t work or seem to stop functioning suddenly. So why do Juwel aquarium lights not work sometimes?

The most common reason that Juwel aquarium lights don’t work is that one of the LED bulbs or fluorescent tubes has blown.

To attempt a fix, you can unplug the lights and try screwing in the lights firmly to see if they’ve come loose. You can also replace the bulb or the fuse if you suspect that’s the issue.

There’s a lot that goes into fixing a Juwel brand aquarium light, but as it turns out, aquarium lights go on the fritz all the time. The rest of this article will walk you through how to diagnose issues with your aquarium lights and whether you should attempt repairs or not.


Juwel 86218 Warm-Lite T8 590mm 18W
Juwel 86218 Warm-Lite T8 590mm 18W
Warm, natural light; Natural colour effects with 3000 Kelvin; Promotes the growth of tall-growing plants

Why Do I Need Aquarium Lights?

If you’re thinking about ignoring a malfunctioning light and letting your tank run naturally, you should reconsider.

Light is an essential part of your tank’s ecosystem. It provides necessary cues to your fish of when they need to be active and when they need to sleep. Without the light, fish can’t understand the passage of time and establish a regular schedule for their lives.

The light also helps them know when to rest, so if they are in constant darkness, they will be more stressed. Even more important than the day/night cycle of your fish, plants need artificial light in a tank.

Just like sunlight, artificial light produced UV rays and provides the necessary elements for photosynthesis. Of course, some plants require more light that others, but all plants require energy in the form of light to some degree.

Do LED Aquarium Lights Need to be Replaced?

LED lights, just like fluorescent and filament light fixtures, will need to be replaced over time. While LEDs are a great option for lighting your tank, they do burn out.

On average, an LED bulb will last 50,000 hours of use, which, if you’re establishing a light-time cycle of 12 hours a day, will last over 10 years. While the input cost of an LED light is higher than an incandescent or fluorescent light bulb, LEDs far outshine their competitors in longevity.

How Long Do Juwel Aquariums Last?

Juwel aquariums are a top-of-the-line product and can last up to 20 years. Glass aquariums are recommended over acrylic tanks, however, since they’ll last much longer and be easier to care for in the long run.

When buying an aquarium tank, you’ll want to examine it for cracks or imperfections that serve as a week point in the material. Make sure the sealant is suitably applied, and always make your purchases from a reputable vendor to ensure the longevity of your tank.

You can also take proactive steps to increase the lifespan of your tank. Place your tank somewhere in the home that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. You wouldn’t want to accidentally bash the glass when carrying something and scratch it.

These kind of scratches may not be dangerous for the tank, but they sure can ruin the aesthetic pretty quickly.

Regular cleaning of the tank is ideal to keep it pristine but be sure not to use any alcohol-based cleaners or acidic products to avoid messing with the sealant and corroding the material of the tank.

Are Juwel Aquariums Any Good?

Juwel aquariums are a good product, as long as you purchase a Juwel tank from a reputable in-person store or online vendor.

Across the board, Juwel aquariums are regarded as a good product, with highly reputable selling standard and good, sturdy tanks for sale.

Of course, when you’re looking to buy a Juwel tank in person, you should still take the time to inspect the tank before making a purchase. It’s possible that your tank has been damaged in the store or in shipping, and it pays to be thorough.

Can You Replace Fish Tank Juwel Lights?

Replacing the light on your Juwel fish tank is dead simple. If you have a Rio, Vision, Trigon, Lido, Panorama, or Delta tank, Juwel’s multilux light units are the right fit for you. Their LED lights will fit right over your tank and replace some of the older fluorescent units.

Tanks with a MonoLux or DuoLux cover hood with built-in light can be upgraded to a PrimoLux.

All you need to do to determine whether your light replacement is compatible is to look at Juwel’s compatibility chart to see if your desired upgrade or replacement fits your Juwel fish tank.

How to Change Them if You Can Do It Yourself

It is possible to change out and custom fit just the fluorescent bulb if you want, but for LED lights, depending on the fish tank light you have, changing out just the light itself may be difficult.

Some LED lights allow for customization (aka adding or changing out lights) while others don’t. If you have one that doesn’t allow for customization, then you might be better off just getting a new one instead of taking apart your light.

Before you go tinkering with your LED light, make sure you determine that the issue isn’t user error by checking the instructions to ensure you’re trying to turn it on correctly.

Additionally, check your power source. Do you have a faulty socket or plug? These are worth checking before pulling out the screwdriver to take apart your LED light. Often, these fixes can be a nuisance and aren’t worth the effort of just springing for a new one.

Final Thoughts

Juwel aquariums and lights are great products with a long shelf life to speak of and longstanding history of satisfied customers. If you’ve having trouble with your lights, you can upgrade them by looking at the Juwel compatibility chart or replacing the bulb, if applicable.