fluval chi aquarium light not working

Fluval Chi Aquarium Light Not Working

Most Fluval aquarium lights are designed to last for thousands of working hours, but some people still experience issues with getting them to shut off and back on. 

If your Fluval chi aquarium light isn’t working properly, the switch could be faulty, or you could have a problem with the electrical connection that powers it. You may even need to readjust or replace the bulbs, but in worst-case scenarios, you may just need a new light.

To learn more about Fluval chi aquarium light problems and how you can fix them, keep reading. We’ll even share information on where to find a new light setup and how to change the light bulbs. Let’s get into it. 


Reasons Fluval Chi Aquarium Light Isn’t Working

Fluval lights may fail to work due to bad bulbs, bulbs in the wrong positions, poor electrical connections, and/or a failure to properly use the switch on your tank. 

1. Bad Bulbs

The problem may be as simple as using bulbs that are burnt out on your Fluval light setup. Before you take any drastic measures, like assuming your light is broken and in need of replacement, first assess the bulbs. 

If they appear to be in normal, working order, then you should see if they are properly set into the light. If they are out of place, then proceed to reseat them and check that the light works.

2. A Break in the Cable 

If it’s an electrical issue, though, you might be dealing with a break somewhere in the electrical cord of your Fluval light. You can check for this issue by rattling the flex on the light while it’s plugged in and seeing if the light flickers on again. If it does, then there may be some sort of break or disconnect issue in your cord. 

3. A Problem with the Switch

Most Fluval aquarium lights stay on all the time unless you turn the whole unit off with the back switch. Keep this in mind if it’s turning it off that you’re struggling with. 

Otherwise, you might actually have a faulty light switch. In this case, you’ll need to get the switch replaced by either Fluval or an electrician. 

4. A Problem with the Starter

The starter is an essential component in a light fixture. If your Fluval light’s starter is malfunctioning, then you’ll likely need to replace it. They usually look like a small white cylinder, and you’ll be able to tell if that is the source of your problem if you replace them and the lights properly switch on again. 

How Long Do Fluval Lights Last?

If you assess and fix all of the above possible issues with your Fluval light, and you still have problems with the light, you may need to call your losses. 

These lights are designed to last for several years of continued use (around 20,000 total hours of use for the LEDs). But once the whole unit goes kaput, you may need to buy a new one. 

How Do You Fix Fluval Lights?

You can fix most Fluval lights by assessing the status of the electrical connection, including the electrical cable, starter, and switch. If these parts aren’t in working order or need to be replaced, then you can get the repairs done or replace the parts. 

Further, you may need to fix your Fluval lights by assessing the light bulbs themselves. Make sure that you reposition them properly or replace them with fresh lights to get the light unit working again. 

How Do You Change Fluval Lights?

To change a Fluval light, you need to first unplug the unit and carry it away from the aquarium to a dry location. Fluval lights generally are composed with a hood that the light sits inside of. Before you replace the light with a new one, you should make sure that you can acquire the appropriately sized light to replace it with. 

As long as the hood on your light is still perfectly fine, you can just remove the old light from the hood and replace it with the new light. To get it to fit into place properly, you may need to mount it creatively, using electrical tape or another appropriate fixture.

If your hood isn’t working, though, you may need to replace the hood and the light both. 

Where Can I Buy A New Fluval Chi Light?

To get a new Fluval Chi light to replace your old one, you can head to one of the following online retailers:

  • Pets Warehouse – they offer the Fluval Chi Aquarium Light Cube (Filter/Light Cube With Transformer+Media) for $86.86 as a replacement part 
  • Renown Leather – they offer the Fluval Filter/Light Cube with Media and Transformer as a replacement for the Chi 19L aquariums for $66.79
  • eBay – you can get a replacement Fluval Chi II Replacement Filter, Light Cube ; Transformer kit for $94.04
  • Fluval Aquatics – they offer a replacement Light/Filter Cube with Transformer ; Media for the Fluval Chi II 19L aquarium for $52.99
  • Fluval Aquatics – they offer a replacement Chi Filter/Light cube with transformer ; Media for the Fluval Chi 25L aquarium kit for $84.99
  • Amazon – Amazon offers a replacement Fluval Filter/Light Cube with Media ; Transformer for the 19L Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit for varying prices and shipping costs

Final Thoughts

Is your Fluval Chi aquarium light unit not working as it should? If so, you could be experiencing issues with the electrical connection, including the starter, cable, or even the switch. You may even be dealing with bad bulbs or bulbs that aren’t positioned correctly. 

To fix the problem, make sure to assess these parts of the light fixture carefully, and get a replacement light cube if necessary. You may need to buy a replacement light cube/filter unit from one of various retailers, such as Amazon, Pets Warehouse, eBay, Fluval Aquatics, or Renown Leather. Good luck with your repairs, and keep our suggestions in mind!