Jebao RW vs WP

Jebao RW vs WP

Jebao produces wave makers for aquariums that come in handy when your fish need flow, especially for saltwater tanks that mimic the motion of the ocean. There are two main lines of powerheads: RW and WP.

RW powerheads are newer than the WP line and provide a virtually wireless connection. You can also control up to eight RW’s in the same system. RW powerheads provide a more powerful and wider flow than the old WP powerheads which have a narrow flow stream and don’t provide as strong waves.

In this article, we will cover whether or not Jebao wave makers are any good and what the newest Jebao wave maker on the market is. Additionally, we will discuss how long Jebao pumps usually last as well as how to clean Jebao powerheads.

Are Jebao Wave Makers Any Good?

Jebao wave makers are a great investment for any tank whether fresh or saltwater. Jebao makes a whole line of different kinds of wave makers from their older models in the WP line which provide gentler, narrow flow to the powerful flow of the wireless RWs.

Jebao wave makers are very reliable, and they are safe to operate for any tank. Although they are powerful, Jebao wave makers do not draw a lot of power, so your electric bill will not skyrocket. They can be a little noisy, but your fish will get used to the background sound quite quickly as will you so much so that you’ll forget it’s even there.

Jebao wave makers are also popular thanks to the different flow modes you can select. You can turn down the flow on night mode and feed mode and keep it on regular power for the rest of the day.

What Is the Newest Jebao Wave Maker?

The newest Jebao wave maker for 2022 is the AOW series which boasts ultra quiet operation. This wave maker has a super quiet motor with smart WiFi and AP control functions. It has a wide rotation angle so that you can adjust where the flow goes in your tank. Despite its small size, the AOW pump is extremely powerful.

There are no electronics in the pump at all since the motor is controlled by an external driver. This allows the pump to have a super long lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it for years. You can adjust the flow by setting up feeding modes and night modes to help ease your tank inhabitants into a daily routine.  

This pump helps ensure oxygen is constantly available for your tank inhabitants and blows any contaminants or waste products towards the filtration system to keep your tank healthy and clean. You will notice that your fish’s health is much improved when your aquarium simulates its natural ocean or river environment.

How Long Do Jebao Pumps Last?

Most Jebao pumps last for about a year before the motor dies and you need to replace it. If you are meticulous about regular maintenance and your tank does not provide too much of a challenge in terms of filtration needs, then you might be able to make your Jebao pump last a little bit longer.

Some customers report Jebao pumps dying at around six months which could indicate a faulty product or lack of care on the part of the consumer. Most people find that they can get a full year out of their Jebao pumps and would agree that this timeframe is worth the money spent on the pump.

Of all the pump models that Jebao has to offer, their DC pump line for saltwater aquariums seems to be the longest lasting. This model should last at least a year if not longer. Some customers report that their Jebao DC pump has been running for as long as three years.

Overall, the key to your Jebao pump’s longevity is regularly cleaning it. As long as you keep up with the maintenance on the pump and its filtration system, there is no reason why the pump shouldn’t last a full year if not longer.

How Do You Clean Jebao Powerheads?

Jebao powerheads should be removed from your tank for cleaning every two to three months, or more often if the pump starts to slow because of algae or debris buildup. Cleaning the powerheads is very simple. You can soak them for several hours in a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.

The powerheads can either be turned off or continue running while soaking. If you leave it running, it will help get the cleaning solution into the inner workings of the pump. Once it has soaked for a while, turn off the pump and remove the front casing. With an old toothbrush, gently scrub the entire pump inside and out to remove any gunk or algae.

Once you are done scrubbing, rinse the pump out with reverse osmosis deionized water so that you don’t introduce any unwanted chemicals into your tank and the vinegar is sufficiently washed away. Reattach the front casing and set the pump back in your tank.

You should notice that your Jebao powerhead performs much better after cleaning. It is important to regularly maintain your Jebao powerhead if you want it to last a long time and improve the quality of your tank so that your fish stay healthy.


Jebao wave makers are an excellent investment for any aquarium tank, whether fresh or saltwater. There are many different models for different tank needs. The old WP wave makers  have a narrow flow and produce a gentle motion of the water. The RW wave makers pack more power, the capacity for wireless control, and different modes.

The newest Jebao wave maker is the AOW series which has the quietest motor, uses the least amount of power, and produces the most efficient flow. Most Jebao pumps last for about a year but can live for longer if they are regularly cleaned with vinegar water and rinsed with RODI.