Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Not Working

Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Not Working

There are few things more satisfying than making your aquarium floor nice and clean for your fish friends. Using a Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner can be your tool to have that satisfying experience! However, if the suction is sub-par, you might be wondering why your Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner is not working.

The Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner can stop working if it’s main feature of gravity-powered suction, is being blocked by something in the drainage hose, or if the cleaner is not assembled and used properly. 

In this article, we’ll cover not only how to assemble and use a Hygger Gravel Cleaner, but how to get it to work and whether or not it is any good as a tool to clean the floor of your aquarium!

How Do You Use Hygger Gravel Cleaner?

To correctly use the Hygger Gravel Cleaner, follow the tutorial below!

  1. Assemble the Hygger Gravel Cleaner – The first step to using any product is to make sure it is put together correctly, and the Hygger Gravel Cleaner is no different. Insert the hose into the bottom of the cleaner’s handle. Take the orange pressure controller and slide it onto the hose. Last, attach the orange tip of your choice to the barrel of the gun.
  2. Clip the pressure controller to a bucket – The pressure controller that should be attached to the hose has a clipping mechanism. This will allow you to insert the open end of the cleaner’s hose into a ten-gallon bucket and hold it in place. That way, when you begin cleaning, the material your cleaner sucks up will go into the bucket.
  3. Select the best tip for your aquarium – The Hygger Gravel Cleaner comes with several different tips to attach to the end of the hose. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, you want to make sure that your tube’s tip is the best possible option for the environment you’re trying to clean. Use the more precise tips if vacuuming around aquarium plants.
  4. Insert the tube into the aquarium – After removing the lid from your aquarium and making sure the hose is secured to a bucket, simply lower your cleaner’s tube into the aquarium. Make sure it is fully submerged and the tip of the tube is flush with the gravel of your aquarium.
  5. Pump the trigger – The gun-shape of the Hygger Gravel Cleaner features a pump-action trigger. It may take anywhere between 5 to 10 pulls on the trigger before gravity begins creating the pressure that will suck detritus up through the hose. 
  6. Control the suction pressure with the pressure controller – Sometimes the Hygger Gravel Cleaner’s suction can require a little controlling. Do this by squeezing the pressure controller that is attached to the hose. This will cut off the effect of gravity on the detritus and slow down the suction until it meets your preference.

Now that the proper way to use the gravel cleaner is covered, you may be able to discover why yours isn’t operating properly!

How Do You Get Gravel Cleaner To Work?

If your gravel cleaner is not working, you will want to make sure that the following things are taken care of.

  • Be sure the cleaner is properly assembled – If your Hygger Gravel Cleaner is not sucking up detritus at the bottom of the tank, it may be because it’s sucking power is being diminished by improper assembly. If, for example, the hose isn’t fully inserted into the bottom of the gun, air can escape during the suction process.
  • Check that nothing is stuck in the hose – Although the hose is a great feature for delivering waste and filth out of the aquarium, it is also the part of the cleaner responsible for creating gravity-powered suction. If anything is stuck in the hose, it may keep the cleaner from working properly.
  • Unclip the pressure controller – It is possible that if your pressure controller has been placed in the same spot on the rubber hose, it has weakened that area of the hose so that it is always cutting off pressure. Simply move the pressure controller an inch or so up or down on the hose to resolve the issue.
  • Pull the pump-action trigger more often – If your Hygger Gravel Cleaner is failing to suck up the waste at the floor of the aquarium, it could simply be because the pump=action needs to be reengaged.

Refer to the previous steps to assemble the Hygger Gravel Cleaner and operate it properly. This should resolve

Is Hygger Gravel Cleaner Any Good?

According to customer reviews, the Hygger Gravel Cleaner’s main strength is in the precision it gives to the user. This precision is thanks to three functions:

  • The gun-shaped design – The gun-shaped design of the Hygger Gravel Cleaner is not only easy to assemble with just three main parts, but it features a pump-action trigger, as stated above. This allows the user to aim and control the suction easily.
  • The pressure controller – The pressure controller outside of the aquarium, attached to the hose, gives the user a chance to decide for themselves how intense they’d like the suction of the cleaner to be. All it takes is a squeeze, and the suction can be slowed.
  • The tube tip varieties – The Hygger Gravel Cleaner comes with several tips to attach to the end of the suction tube. While the vacuum works just as well without any of these tups attached, some of them allow for more precise vaccuming around the plants or fixtures in your aquarium.

In conclusion, yes, the Hygger Gravel cleaner is a good option when looking for the right tool to clean an aquarium floor. It is adaptable thanks to it’s diversity in parts, and it is designed in shape to offer the most control to the user.

How Does an Electric Gravel Cleaner Work?

An electric gravel cleaner works differently from a Hygger Gravel Cleaner. The Hygger model works using gravity and the pump-action trigger for a precise cleaning operation. An electric gravel cleaner, on the other hand, is typically more automatic. Many are powered by a siphon, and disturb debris, trap, and filter them out of the tank all in one operation.

The main difference between the Hygger Gravel Cleaner and electric varieties are, again, the automatic process versus the more user-controlled, precise manual process that the Hygger model offers.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Hygger Gravel Cleaner is a great tool to clean your aquarium floor with precision, but only if it works! If your Hygger product isn’t working properly, make sure that nothing is preventing suction. Check to be sure it is assembled correctly, pump the suction trigger often, and don’t let anything obstruct the tube for the best results!

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