Top Fin Heater

Top Fin Heater

Top Fin Heaters are designed for just what you would expect—to create a warmer environment for your aquatic pets. Functionally, the Top Fin Heater is inserted into the aquarium as a “submersible” heater and provides thermal heat to environments smaller than 30 gallons. 

The Top Fin Heater comes in standard packaging and includes an instruction guide, 2 suction cups for mounting it inside the tank, and the heater itself, which operates on 75, 100, 150, and 200 watts, depending on the heater you purchase. 

Top Fin isn’t trying to break any aesthetic records with its Top Fin Aquarium Heater. It looks pretty standard as submersible heaters go. However, it’s generally effective and carries a solid rating wherever it’s sold. 

How Do You Install a Top Fin Heater?

The Top Fin Heater is pretty simplistic in terms of function, installation, and design. When you open the package, you will receive a standard instruction manual that walks you through the basic features of the product, along with installation. 

You will also find two suction cups inside, both of which attach to the heater and allow it to cling to the interior of the tank. Since it’s a submersible heater, it’s going to go directly into the water and stick to the wall. 

That’s all you have to do. Fortunately, the heater features an automatic shutoff system when it reaches the temperature you set. Place the heater in the tank (preferably soon after you’ve cleaned the tanks and ensured there is no algae growth on the interior walls) and suction cup it to the wall. 

How Long Does it Take for the Top Fin Heater to Heat Up?

It doesn’t take very long for the heater to reach its default temperature, which is preset at 78°F. Expect about 10 minutes for it to reach that level. An additional 10 to 15 minutes is the average time frame for every 5°F increase. Let’s say you have it set at 75°F. 

If you change the setting to 80°F, it will take roughly 10 to 15 minutes to increase to 5°F. Since it’s an automatic heater, it will automatically turn off when the temperature of the heater reaches its set level. 

It’s a nice feature to have because you won’t have to constantly fiddle with it to keep your internal temperature correct and it saves on power consumption. 

Is the Top Fin Heater Fully Submersible?

The heater is designed to be fully submersible. If your tank is a little on the short side, it won’t hurt anything if the heater sticks out of the surface a little bit. But it’s not something you want to do because it looks silly sticking out of the water. 

You should purchase the right size heater for your tank and if you have a really small tank, Top Fin has smaller heaters on offer that make more sense. 

Should I Keep the Heater On All the Time?

The Top Fin Aquarium Heater is designed to remain on at all times. Its default temperature setting is 78°F and once the heater reaches that default setting, it will automatically shut off. You don’t need to do anything. 

Over time, the water will cool the heater below 78°F and it will kick back on until the heater and the temperature of the water reach the appropriate levels. It’s basically a “set it and forget it” heater, built for convenience. 

Top Fin Pro 150 Series Aquarium Heater (Review)

The Top Fin Pro 150 Series is Top Fin’s 150-watt option. The only one with a higher power option in this series is the Top Fin Pro 200 Series. The heater is decently long, white, cylindrical, and easy to submerse in the aquarium.

It’s designed for 25 to 30-gallon tanks. Anything more than that and it won’t be able to heat it up efficiently. Top Fin has several heater options and they are all easy to use. The 150 is no exception. 

The default preset temperature on this heater is also 78°F. Its automatic shutoff works great and saves you the headache of having to measure and modify the temperature yourself. The instructions are easy to use and the heater is easy to install. 

The only real drawback is the two suction cups it comes with. They’re the kind of suction cups you get off the Dollar General shelf when you’re hunting for a cheap option for hanging your loofa. 

It may take some work to get them to hold like they’re supposed to. The good news is, you can always go out and choose a better suction cup option. It’s just aggravating considering the fact that the heater is designed to be submerged. 

You would think Top Fin would spend a little more time perfecting the only mechanism available to install it against the aquarium wall. Overall, Top Fin’s 150 series is very affordable and very effective. It’s certainly worth the money and you should expect it to last well beyond its warranty. 

Top Fin Betta Tank Heater (Information)

We mentioned this heater briefly above, for when you have a tank that’s too small for one of the Top Fin Aquarium Heater options. Like the others, this heater is fully submersible and very affordable at $17.99.

It has a slim design and its relatively small, which makes sense for small betta tanks. It’s a 10-watt heater and it’s designed for no more than 5-gallon tanks. Also, like the other Top Fin heaters, the Betta Tank Heater is automatic, shutting off whenever it reaches its preset temperature.

Thanks to its small, sturdy, and submersible design, this Top Fin heater is pretty popular with Betta tank owners. It’s not going to blow you away with any advanced or crazy innovations, but it does the job it’s intended to do. 

All Things Considered

Top Fin Heaters are generally simplistic devices that do exactly what they’re designed to do. In a lot of ways, that’s refreshing. Top Fin keeps it pretty simple and although they offer WiFi-compatible tank heaters, their standard 50 to 200 series is perfect for what you need them to do.