mondo grass aquatic

Mondo Grass Aquatic


Mondo Grass is often sold as an aquatic species, but this can be confusing, because it isn’t truly aquatic. If you are thinking of planting it in your garden, it’s important to be aware of this, because it’s not likely to thrive if you put it in an unsuitable spot.

You may have heard of people growing Mondo Grass in their aquariums, even though it is technically a land-living species. It appreciates wet, marshy ground, and won’t survive forever if it is completely submerged, but it will generally tolerate damp conditions. If you’re looking for a plant to grow near a natural stream, it might be ideal.

Is Mondo Grass Water Tolerant?

It’s first worth establishing that Mondo Grass is not actually a grass; it is a kind of lily. That might make you think that you can plant it in water and it will thrive – but be a little cautious of this assessment, because it isn’t true. Mondo Grass isn’t like the lilies in your pond, and you need to plant it in the right place if you want it to grow.

Most kinds of Mondo Grass will grow well in nearly any conditions, and that includes in very wet conditions. However, they do not like clay soils, as they struggle to get their roots into the ground and break it up.

Mondo Grass tends to thrive if it is grown in wet spaces, so it’s perfect for growing in a marshy spot. It does manage dry conditions fairly well too, but doesn’t like extreme heat or serious droughts.

One of the things that makes Mondo Grass so popular is that it is pest resistant, hardy, and tough enough to survive in almost any garden. You can even grow it in an aquarium for a certain period if you provide reasonably good conditions, although it won’t flourish if it is kept in an aquarium for too long, because it doesn’t like having its tips submerged.

In its natural environment, Mondo Grass tends to grow in forests, rather than in ponds or streams. However, many people do grow it in wetlands, and it should survive well provided it gets enough light and nutrients. You should not plant it directly in a stream if you want it to live for years, because it may eventually start to struggle.

Can Mondo Grass Grow In A Pond?

You probably won’t find that Mondo Grass flourishes if you plant it directly in a pond, especially in the long term. Some people do successfully keep their plants alive for a few years, provided they control the conditions carefully and make sure the plant has everything that it needs – but in general, Mondo Grass will gradually die if it is permanently submerged.

It is not an aquatic plant and shouldn’t be treated as one. If you want to grow Mondo Grass in your pond, you may be able to cultivate a patch around the edge, or you may be able to install it in a floating water feature, but it’s not going to thrive if you plant it underwater, or even with its roots completely submerged.

Overall, therefore, Mondo Grass cannot really grow in a pond. It’s best to keep it to the edges of water, or to somewhat drier spots.

Does Dwarf Mondo Grass Need A Lot Of Water?

Dwarf Mondo Grass does like to be kept fairly damp, but once it is established, it should be able to get all the water it needs from its root network, unless the conditions get very dry.

When the plant is getting established, it’s a good idea to water it thoroughly when the surface of the soil gets dry. It should be able to go for about 10 days without rain, but more than this could damage a plant that is not yet well established.

However, Dwarf Mondo Grass does not like to be kept soggy, and being permanently wet could lead to root rot. Although this plant can grow in an aquarium, being planted in wet soil can cause anaerobic bacteria to start attacking the roots, and this will kill the plant pretty quickly. If you want it to grow in water, you’ll need to avoid using soil as a substrate.

Overall, Dwarf Mondo is better at tolerating wet conditions than droughts, but it prefers something in between the two, and you shouldn’t keep it sodden.

Does Black Mondo Grass Like Water?

Black Mondo Grass is more dependent on water if the conditions are hot, but it will tolerate drier soil if the weather is cool and it is kept out of direct sunlight. It’s a good idea to water the plant when it is first getting established to make sure it doesn’t get dried out, but once it has a good root network, it shouldn’t need much further attention.

Black Mondo Grass will not survive if it is planted in very marshy conditions; like other kinds of Mondo Grass, its roots must be allowed to dry out occasionally, or they are at risk of rotting. Anaerobic conditions are not good for it.

You should therefore make sure that your Black Mondo Grass is planted somewhere that doesn’t stay wet permanently. Don’t plant it in a pond or aquarium. Even if you provide otherwise perfect conditions, it will eventually die if it is underwater all the time.

If you’re going to put Black Mondo Grass in your garden, spend some time reading up on it. Most people recommend watering it about once a week and allowing it to dry out in between, but this will depend upon your climate and your soil. If it rains regularly and your soil tends to hold on to moisture, you will probably find that you don’t need to water it at all.


Mondo Grass is not an aquatic species, even though you may see it sold in aquatic shops, and people sometimes grow it in fish tanks. If you are going to plant it in your garden, it’s better to find a well-draining spot with loamy soil, and keep it damp when the weather is hot.