Microbe Lift

Microbe Lift Review

It is important to keep the right balance of water chemistry in an aquarium to promote healthy fish. Microbe Lift is a product containing bacterial cultures that are beneficial to aquariums by reducing waste and stabilizing water chemistry.

In this article, we will review how Microbe Lift works as well as how long it takes to start working. Additionally, we will cover whether or not you can add too much Microbe Lift and if it is safe for humans.

How Does Microbe Lift Work?

Microbe Lift is a blend of beneficial bacteria that will help reduce the waste produced by your tank’s inhabitants. These strains of bacteria are not pathogenic so they should not cause your tank inhabitants to become sick. Instead, they consume the organic waste and convert the excess nitrate and ammonia into molecules that will not put your fish at risk.

This product is great to use when you are establishing a new tank or maintaining an established aquarium. New tanks require more frequent addition of Microbe Lift initially. Microbe Lift can be used for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. Saltwater tanks require about 25-50% more Microbe Lift because the saline affects the bacteria’s efficiency.

Once you add the recommended dose to your tank, it will work its magic by reducing the concentration of ammonia and nitrate in the water due to fish waste. If you find that your tank’s ammonia and nitrate concentrations are still too high, you may have too many fish in your tank.

Microbe Lift can aid in keeping your tank healthy; however, it cannot compensate for overcrowding or the normal establishment period of the nitrogen cycle.

How Long Does Microbe Lift Take to Work?

Microbe Lift does not act as fast as a chemical product because it is bacteria based. With chemicals you may see results within hours as the product dissolves into the water and begins to work. With Microbe Lift, you will generally start to see a difference within seven to ten days of applying the product.

By twenty-five to thirty days, the bacteria will have established a cycle within your tank, and you will only need to add Microbe Lift about once a month. The reason why the bacteria take longer to begin working is that they are biological and need time to feed, grow and reproduce.

While bacteria reproduce rapidly, especially in the presence of an abundance of food, it still takes time. Even though you may have to wait longer for results by using Microbe Lift as opposed to a chemical additive to balance out the water chemistry, Microbe Lift offers a natural solution that your tank inhabitants may take more favorably.

Over time, the bacteria will establish a colony and they will become more efficient at getting rid of fish waste. If you add more fish to your tank, you may need to observe the efficiency of Microbe Lift to see if more bacteria is needed.

Can You Add Too Much Microbe Lift?

Unlike with chemical additives, there is no such thing as adding too much Microbe Lift. If you accidentally overdose your tank, your fish and other tank inhabitants should not suffer from it. Since Microbe Lift is made up of beneficial bacteria, putting too much in your tank will not change the water chemistry or gunk up your filtration system.

Rather, the excess bacteria that you add to the system will simply die off since there is not enough food to go around for all of the bacteria. Alternatively, bacteria growth and reproduction will slow but you will not see a difference because there will still be an adequate number of bacteria to take care of the waste in your tank.

Try your best to stick to the recommended dosage of Microbe Lift for your tank if nothing else than to save you money. If you think you aren’t adding enough Microbe Lift, up the dosage. However, wait to see if it works. If you don’t notice a difference, you either need to add more Microbe Lift or reduce the number of fish in your tank.

Is Microbe Lift Safe for Humans?

Microbe Lift is perfectly safe to use around humans. You may want to wear gloves when applying Microbe Lift and wash your hands after use. If your skin comes into contact with Microbe Lift, it may cause irritation or dermatitis. This is not a common reaction, but if you are allergic to any of the ingredients is a possibility.

If Microbe Lift gets in your eye, you should flush it out immediately with warm water. Microbe Lift should never be ingested. If an excessive amount is swallowed, it could cause diarrhea, nausea, or irritation of the digestive system. Rinse out with water and immediately call poison control. Never keep Microbe Lift in a place that is accessible to children or other vulnerable persons who may drink it.

As long as you use Microbe Lift appropriately and store it in a safe place, it should not pose any risk to humans. The bacteria within it are not meant for consumption by humans, but they are also not fatal or responsible for causing serious or fatal diseases.

Even though Microbe Lift is not a chemical product, it should be treated as such in terms of storage and never placed alongside food or other consumables.


Microbe Lift is an excellent way to keep your aquarium’s water chemistry in balance without having to add chemicals. The bacterial population contained within the product consumes the waste of your tank inhabitants and keeps the concentration of ammonia and nitrate in check.

You cannot add too much Microbe Lift to your tank as an excess of the bacteria will not harm your tank or its inhabitants. Microbe Lift may take about a week to start working since the bacteria need to grow and reproduce. Microbe Lift is a perfectly safe product for humans to use, but should never be ingested, used inappropriately, or stored improperly.