Does Stress Coat Remove Ammonia

Does Stress Coat Remove Ammonia?

Ammonia is deadly for fish. You want to ensure that ammonia levels in the tank are as low as possible. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Thankfully, there are products on the market designed to help with this. Stress Coat is one of them. So, does Stress Coat remove ammonia?

The standard Stress Coat product will not remove ammonia from your tank. However, Stress Coat+ will. Stress Coat+ does the same job as Stress Coat, but does a few more things too i.e. ensure that ammonia levels start to plummet.

Let’s go into a bit more depth on this. We are itching to tell you everything that Stress Coat brings to the table.

Does Stress Coat Remove Ammonia?

The standard Stress Coat does not remove ammonia. Instead, you need to purchase Stress Coat Plus.

While Stress Coat Plus does not physically remove the ammonia from the tank, it will convert it into ammonium, which is harmless to your fish.

If you use Stress Coat Plus regularly (i.e. with every water change), then you should start to see the ammonia levels in your tank fall rather quickly. 

What Does Stress Coat Do?

At its heart, Stress Coat is a water conditioner. It is designed to ensure that the water that comes out of your taps is going to be habitable for your fish. This means removing chlorine and neutralizing all of those heavy metals. Basically, the sort of things that you do not want your fish to come into contact with.

However, Stress Coat does a lot more than this. In fact, the clue is in the name.

Stress Coat is a product designed to reduce stress levels in your fish. It accomplishes this by having a dash of Aloe Vera mixed into it. The Aloe Vera is a soothing natural product. If you have fish that tend to get a little bit feisty, then Stress Coat may be able to take the edge off of things.

In addition to this, the Aloe Vera is going to be tremendous at speeding up healing in your fish. It is no secret that when fish swim around a tank, they end up with all sorts of bumps and scratches. This may be from plants, or it may be because they got into a bit of an ‘argument’ with the other fishes. The drops of Aloe Vera will be 100% safe for the fish to come into contact with.

If that wasn’t enough, the Stress Coat will add a sort of protective slime to your fish. This should, hopefully, provide them with a little bit more protection when they are swimming around the tank.

Basically, Stress Coat is going to result in you having a happier, and far healthier tank for your first to live in.

Does Stress Coat Actually Work?

It does. There is a reason why Stress Coat is one of the most popular water conditioners on the market.

Stress Coat, assuming that you use it regularly (with every water change) will have a positive impact on the inside of your tank. Obviously, it is going to remove anything in the water that the fish shouldn’t really come into contact with. However, you are going to notice an improvement to the way that your fish behave.

A lot of fish keepers have noticed that after a few weeks of using Stress Coat, their fish seem a lot more soothed. Now, don’t get us wrong, it isn’t going to pacify the fish that are naturally aggressive. However, it should help to tone down the aggression a little bit. It isn’t overstating it to say that when you use Stress Coat, your fish may find it a little bit easier to live in harmony. 

How Long Does It Take For Stress Coat to Work?

This depends on what you want the Stress Coat to be doing.

When it comes to dechlorinating the water and overall conditioning, then it should get to work within a matter of minutes. This means that the water is going to be safe for your fish to be in.

When it comes to reducing ammonia levels, then the Stress Coat Plus should get to work right away. However, it may take several days, sometimes upwards of a week, for the ammonia levels to really plummet in the tank.

In terms of protection for your fish, and a reduction of their stress levels, it will likely take a few weeks before you start to see a noticeable improvement in your fish. They may have the aloe vera hit them right away. However, it probably will take a while before the aloe vera levels start to build up to a level where they have a positive impact on your fish. 

Remember, you are only going to be enjoying the benefits of Stress Coat while you are continuing to add it to the tank. So, if you miss adding it to your tank a couple of times, then all of your hard work will be undone. 

Is Stress Coat a Good Water Conditioner?


A lot of fish keepers swear by Stress Coat. They believe it is one of the best water conditioners on the market. It does a great job at ensuring that tap water is habitable for fish, assuming that you follow the instructions on the bottle.

We suppose that what makes it so brilliant is the fact that many people do notice a drastic decrease in the stress levels of their fish and, ultimately, faster healing if the animals do end up getting injured.


Stress Coat will not remove ammonia from the tank. If you want to remove ammonia from your fish tank, then you will need to purchase Stress Coat Plus. It will take a while for ammonia levels to fall, but you should start to notice a reduction within a day or so of the water conditioner being added to the tank. Remember, you will need to add a bit more with each water change.