Can You Keep Dragon Goby With Cichlids

Can You Keep Dragon Goby With Cichlids?

Given that dragon goby fish have quite the reputation for being aggressive fish, it is difficult to discern which other fish it can easily live with in a saltwater tank. However, thankfully, there are various species that the dragon goby fish tend to be relatively peaceful with.

One of the most common fish that are in saltwater tanks are cichlids. These beautiful fish come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They can make any saltwater tank look more bright and colorful, and are therefore very popular with the average tank breeder!

Can dragon goby fish live with cichlids peacefully? It can be hard to determine. Given that dragon goby fish are relatively aggressive and carnivorous, it can be a mistake to place them with cichlids. If said cichlids happen to be quite small, then the dragon goby fish can easily eat them – and will.

Therefore, it is best to keep the two separated and to opt for the fish that the dragon goby fish are more likely to live peacefully with. Dragon gobies don’t have to be tricky to look after – they simply require a little patience!

Can dragon goby live in saltwater?

No – dragon goby fish typically live in brackish water. Brackish water contains more salinity than freshwater, but is not as salty as seawater. While they are very adaptable fish, and can typically manage in freshwater, however, they cannot live properly in saltwater.

Can dragon goby live in saltwater at home, however? Again, no – you need to be very careful with the water conditions you place your gobies into. Saltwater tanks are likely to conflict with their needs and may even cause them distress. It’s entirely possible, that said, to keep dragon gobies in freshwater conditions.

Therefore, if you plan on keeping dragon goby fish, you should keep them with other brackish water fish or even freshwater fish. However, if you plan on keeping them in freshwater, then you will need to ensure that the ammonia levels remain relatively low. This, at the very least, will ensure that the water conditions are safe enough for them to enjoy for time to come.

Can Dragon goby live with other fish?

Despite the fact that these fish are known for being aggressive, they can actually live very peacefully with other brackish water fish. They get a bad reputation, and it’s not always deserved!

However, in order to ensure that there are no problems between dragon gobies and other fish in the tank, it is best to opt for species that are not too small (that the dragon goby fish could see as food), and fish that are not also aggressive and territorial, that could find themselves being at war with the gobies. Dragon goby have a reputation for starting fights – it is best not to provoke them.

However, that does not mean that the list of fish with which they can live is small! In fact, quite the contrary. There are plenty of brackish water fish that can be the perfect companions for dragon gobies. Some of the best tank mates for dragon goby fish include glassfish guppies, bumblebee goby, swordtail fish, ghost shrimp, archers, birch, and monos.

Another great thing about these fish is that they too are also fascinating to watch and can provide you with a stunningly beautiful and interesting tank.

However, in order to ensure that all of these fish can live happily together, you will need to provide a sufficient tank size. The tank will need to be long and wide enough for the fish to move about easily, and be able to have their own room to hide in if they wish to.

Will Dragon goby eat other fish?

Yes, dragon goby fish will eat other fish in their tank. As you may see, they have very strong and sharp teeth that help them to devour other fish smaller than themselves – they are real beasts of the brackish water, so watch out!

However, they will not eat just any fish. Dragon goby will eat other fish providing they meet their exacting demands. They usually opt for relatively small fish, for example, that are easier for them to consume. Remember that, while they do have strong teeth, they also have very small throats. This means that they typically opt for smaller fish that are easier for them to eat.

They are carnivorous fish, so they are primarily known for eating other meaty creatures in the sea, including other fish! However, they are also known for eating certain algae that they scrape off from rocks, and so on.

That is why it is so important to ensure that they have a balanced diet in their tank. You will need to provide a steady amount of meat for them, as well as a good mix of vegetables, that they can easily eat.

What can dragon goby live with?

Monos, glassfish guppies, bumblebee goby, even ghost shrimp – the list really does go on. There is a long list of other fish that dragon goby fish can live with. The main thing to look out for is that the other fish are of a big enough size to not be seen as being a food source for the dragon goby, and fish that are not too aggressive that are not likely to challenge the dragon goby.

It is also best to opt for fish that live in brackish water, too. While dragon goby fish can survive in freshwater, it will be easier for you to manage an environment that is ideal for all the fish within the tank, rather than having to balance it out even more perfectly, to suit multiple types of fish and their individual preferred environments. The dragon goby fish, as is the case with any kind of fish, will do best in an environment that resembles their own environment in the wild, therefore, in a brackish tank.

Therefore, be careful to consider bigger fish or similarly sized species that enjoy the same brackish environments.